Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., popularly known as Janome, is a Japanese company which has set the high watermark of quality sewing machines for nearly a century. Starting out in Japan, they now have manufacturing plants in Thailand and Taiwan, their American subsidiary operations in New Jersey (Janome America) besides owning Swiss sewing machine brand Elna. Together, they form one of the leading brands and biggest production units of sewing machines in the world. Janome
Company Profile Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. (Japan) is the # 1 maker of sewing machines in the world.* Exporting to over a hundred countries, the company ranks high on brand value and sales. The company is headquartered in Hachioji, with five subsidiaries and ninety-three (93) outlets in Japan alone. Janome owns six plants in total: Tokyo, Osaka and Yamanashi (Japan), Wufung (Taiwan), Sriracha (Thailand) and a die-casting factory in Prachinburi (Thailand). Their fourteen (14) overseas subsidiaries are in locations as diverse as Chile, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, China, U.K, Switzerland, China, Holland and two each in Germany and U.S.A. Most of their research and development work is done in their dedicated R&D centre in Tokyo. Other relevant information includes: Employees: 3771